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‘Man Eating Plants’: Veganism activist wants us to save the planet one veggie at a time

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Humans are primates and we evolved to thrive on fruits, vegetables, tubers, nuts and seeds. When we began to include animal foods in our diet, it changed our relationship with all our fellow animals from relatively benign to adversarial.

BOOK TRIB: Rising temperatures, rising sea levels and rising extinction rates. To say that our planet is in trouble would be a massive understatement. But what can we, as individuals, do to stop such large-scale destruction?

According to environmental and animal rights activist Jonathan Spitz, veganism is the change we all can make to help the planet. Inspired by the book that kicked off his own journey into plant-based dieting, Spitz’s book Man Eating Plants (6th Sense Press) lays out how a switch to veganism can help offset the pollution of meat and livestock production.

Read the interview to check out more of what Spitz has to say about our species’ past, present and hopeful future with veganism. SOURCE…


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