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GREAT PRETENDER: Slaughterhouse ‘worker’ activist, posing as animal rights activist, posing as meat executive on TV


It seems the focus and concern of 'animal rights' organization DxE is about the health and safety of 'slaughterhouse workers' (i.e. KILLERS), while pretending to protect innocent animals.

CHARLES TREPANY: Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo says she was punk’d and mistakenly interviewed an animal rights activist pretending to be the CEO of a food-processing company. During the segment on her show “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo,” Bartiromo introduced the imposter as Smithfield Foods president and CEO Dennis Organ, before asking him about the effects of the pandemic on the company. But unbeknownst to Bartiromo, she wasn’t speaking with Organ. Instead, she was interviewing an activist identified as Matt Johnson by the animal rights organization Direct Action Everywhere [DxE]… Bartiromo addressed the error on air Wednesday, saying that “it appears we have been punk’d”…

During the interview, shared on social media by Direct Action Everywhere Wednesday, Johnson stayed in character as Organ for more than six minutes. “Of course, this pandemic has been simply devastating for our industry,” he said. “For our employees, we’ve provided them with extensive personal protective equipment and offered additional paid leave for sick employees, but those steps have, unfortunately, been insufficient in many instances.” Still pretending to be Organ, Johnson promised to “do better.”

“The first change under my leadership is transparency and, at times, brutal honesty,” he said. “In addition to the outbreaks that are happening at our plants, our industry poses a serious threat in effectively bringing on the next pandemic.” Johnson then went on to say that, according to the CDC, three out of every four new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals. “The conditions inside of our farms can sometimes be petri dishes for new diseases,” Johnson added.

[EDITOR: Please note, during the interview Matt Johnson had very little to say about the cruelty and exploitation of innocent animals. This is very revealing. It seems that so-called ‘animal rights’ organization DxE is more concerned about the health of the so-called “slaughterhouse workers”, than the animal victims of the brutal animal agriculture industry. DxE should stop pretending and exploiting the innocent animals that they claim to protect in furthering their humanist and socialist agenda. SHAME ON THEM.]

This is the press release from Direct Action Everywhere [DxE]:

In a stunt reminiscent of “The Yes Men,” an activist with the animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) got the best of Maria Bartiromo, host of the “Mornings with Maria” show Fox Business channel. DxE activist Matt Johnson, passing as Smithfield Foods’ new CEO and President Dennis Organ, expressed remorse for what he described as the company’s legacy of abuses to public health, the environment, animals and its own workers….

The action is part of DxE’s “No More Factory Farms” campaign, which calls on government officials to proactively prevent future pandemic outbreaks by introducing a moratorium prohibiting the construction of new factory farms and slaughterhouses…

Notably, Johnson also led an investigation earlier this year which exposed (and subsequently ended) the brutal “ventilation shutdown” mass killing of pigs at a major pork supplier (for which he now faces a felony prosecution). And in August, he led a demonstration described by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald as “darkly hilarious and potently effective,” in which Johnson declares Smithfield Foods “The World’s Shittiest Company” at a Smithfield, VA city meeting, next door to the company’s global headquarters.

While slaughterhouses have been hotspots for spreading coronavirus, factory farms are ideal breeding grounds to spread new diseases; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ​warns​that “…3 out of every 4 new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals.”

“A pandemic is ravaging global society, the sky is practically on fire, slaughterhouse workers are dying, and billions of animals are suffering needlessly,” said Johnson. “The signs could not be clearer. We must take bold action now.”  SOURCE…