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A NEW ‘DOMINION’: Animal rights activist Chris Delforce running for Senate as Animal Justice Party candidate in Australian election


As an animal rights activist Mr Delforce was behind the film Dominion, which featured covertly filmed images of livestock from Australian farms and lead to major anti-farm protests across the country.

JANE McNAUGHTON: A prominent animal rights activist has put his hat in the ring for the upcoming federal election… Chris Delforce, former Director of Aussie Farms, the organisation which released a map disclosing the locations of farming operations and covertly filmed livestock, has nominated as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party…

Mr Delforce said he was running for the federal Senate as he believed animals should have their rights represented in the parliament. “Animals are completely forgotten by those who represent us… Yet there was a report commissioned in 2018 by the federal government that found 95 per cent of respondents care about farm animal welfare,” the Farm Transparency Project director said.

“I’d like to get into a position where I can push for education programs about what is happening to animals, push for more incentives for farmers who no longer want to be involved in these fairly cruel industries. “And it also comes back to our environment, we know that animal agriculture is a major contributor to climate change, and yet the federal government is ignoring that.”

As an animal rights activist Mr Delforce was behind the film Dominion, which featured covertly filmed images of livestock from Australian farms and lead to major anti-farm protests across the country. “As an activist, it is easy to be overlooked and ignored by those who have the power to [protect the welfare of farm animals through federal legislation],” Mr Delforce said…

“If I were to be elected I could push for [federal farm-animal welfare legislation], such as banning live exports, especially if I was in the position of holding the balance of power”… However, Mr Delforce conceded that any reform to intensive animal agriculture would take time.

“I’m a vegan but I’m not going to get everyone to go vegan overnight — we’re not going to get a law in place that’s just going to ban animal farming,” he said. “But what I can push for is animal cruelty laws that apply regardless of the species, regardless of the purpose that species is being used for…

Federally, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) has not been successful in gaining seats in the Senate or House of Representatives. Mr Delforce will be second on the AJP ballot for a Victorian Senate seat, with Bronwyn Currie leading the ticket.

Political analyst Mark Kenny said candidates from minor parties struggle at the ballot box. “It’s possible for these parties to get elected but if you’re not the number one candidate of said micro-party then I think it makes it much more difficult,” the ANU Professor said.

“Some of those minor parties will swap preferences [with other parties], that has been done to significant effect a few times. “They have to break through the habits of voters. Most people, historically, have considered themselves either Coalition or Labor supporters”…

However, Professor Kenny said Mr Delforce’s notoriety in the animal activism space could garner him votes… “There are many people who have very strong concerns [for animal welfare and the environment], that’s probably a growing number of people… this strand of opinion might show up in the electoral results”. SOURCE…

ANIMAL JUSTICE PARTY: Animal Justice Party Victoria is proud to announce Chris Delforce as our Second Senate Candidate for Victoria in the upcoming Federal Election. Chris is the writer and director of animal rights documentaries Dominion and Lucent, and has been an activist for over 10 years.

In 2014, he founded Aussie Farms (now called Farm Transparency Project) an organisation dedicated to exposing the reality of animal agriculture and advocating for the public’s right to know about what goes on behind the farm gate.

In addition to full-time animal advocacy work, Chris is currently undertaking a law degree with a view to creatively use the legal system to improve the lives of animals. Recently, he initiated a High Court challenge to a NSW Ag-Gag law – the hearing is set for Feb 2022. SOURCE…


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