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FULL HOUSE: Millions of Animals in Factory Farms Face Cruel Deaths as Covid-19 Sparks Mass Killings


Methods of killing include water-based foam generators, whole-house gassing, ventilation shutdowns, and 'thumping', where piglets are slammed headfirst into the ground.

EOIN HIGGINS: As the coronavirus outbreak puts pressure on meat-packing plants and food supply chains across the U.S., millions of pigs and chickens are being cruelly put to death in the nation’s factory farms — with animals being intentionally suffocated in layers of foam or by having their ventilation cut off… agriculture consultant Adam Speck told the Guardian. “There are hogs available. We are full to the brim… and we can’t process at normal rates, then the only option is to depopulate”… The term “depopulate” is a meat industry term that refers to the mass killing, or culling, of animals…

According to Leah Garcés of the group Mercy for Animals, the methods used to kill the creatures — though approved  by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)—are extreme and inhumane… which include water-based foam generators, whole-house gassing and ventilation shutdown… Another inhumane method of killing unwanted animals is “thumping,” where workers kill piglets by slamming them headfirst into the ground. Undercover investigators with Mercy For Animals have documented this barbaric practice numerous times.

In a story, Reuters noted that the sheer numbers of creatures being killed are hard to fathom as tens of thousands of chickens are being culled at a single farm. The news outlet also reported on the treatment of young hogs: In Iowa, farmer Dean Meyer said he is part of a group of about nine producers who are euthanizing the smallest 5% of their newly born pigs, or about 125 piglets a week. They will continue euthanizing animals until disruptions ease, and could increase the number of pigs killed each week, he said. The small bodies are composted and will become fertilizer.  SOURCE…