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KINDRED SPIRITS: Farmed Animal Sanctuaries Around the U.S. Reopen for Tours After COVID Closures


We can't change the world for animals without changing our ideas about animals. We have to move from the idea that animals are things, tools, machines, commodities, resources here for our use to the idea that as sentient beings they have their own inherent value and dignity.

SOPHIE HIRSH: Even though farmed animal sanctuaries stayed open throughout the coronavirus pandemic, providing cozy forever homes to farmed animals, most sanctuaries had to stop holding tours for safety reasons. Unfortunately, that also meant sanctuaries were not receiving as much financial support as usual.

But fortunately, as lockdown restrictions have lifted around the U.S., and as the weather has warmed up for spring, many animal sanctuaries have opened up for tours once again. So if you want to visit a farmed animal sanctuary in the near future, keep reading for a list of seven around the U.S. that are open for in-person tours as of May 2021.


Woodstock Sanctuary – New York

The Gentle Barn – California, Tennessee, and Missouri

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary – Texas

Best Friends Animal Society – Utah

Catskill Animal Sanctuary – New York

Iowa Farm Sanctuary – Iowa

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary – Colorado

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