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GALLUP SURVEY: 41% of Americans and 50% of those younger than fifty have eaten plant-based meats


6 in 10 Americans of the 41% who have tried plant-based meats say they are Very (27%) or Somewhat Likely (33%) to continue eating them.

JUSTIN MCCARTHY: ‘Forty-one percent of Americans report having personally tried a plant-based meat, with age being the biggest factor in whether they have done so. About half of adults younger than 50, versus 26% of those 65 and older, have eaten a plant-based meat… Household income is also a significant predictor of plant-based meat consumption, as the majority of adults in upper-income households (54%) have tried such meat replacements, compared with less than a third of those in lower-income households (31%). Geography also makes a difference. Americans who live in suburban areas (49%) and those who live in the West (48%) are more likely than their counterparts to have tried a plant-based meat…

Six in 10 Americans who have personally tried plant-based meats say they are “very” (27%) or “somewhat likely” (33%) to continue eating them. Those not inclined to give plant-based meats another try are about evenly divided between those who are not too likely to try them again (22%) and those not at all likely (18%). Across nearly all subgroups, the majority of those who have tried plant-based meats say they are at least somewhat likely to continue eating them. Women and younger adults are especially likely to be repeat customers…

Public awareness of plant-based meats is substantial, but has a way to go to reach full exposure. Half of Americans say they are “very” (17%) or “somewhat familiar” (33%) with these products. About the same proportion are not very familiar with them, including 30% who say they are not familiar at all with them… Beyond the novelty factor, the visibility plant-based meats have achieved may be attributable to the partnerships established with popular restaurant chains like Burger King and Hardee’s. Two companies, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, sell their products in U.S. grocery stores and appear as options in delivered meal kits like Blue Apron’.  SOURCE…


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