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HEADS-UP: Plant-based diet may boost quality of life after prostate cancer


The findings of better erectile function with increasing consumption of healthy plant‐based food are consistent with previous studies of men without prostate cancer. They also clearly challenge the historical misconception that eating meat boosts sexual function in men, when in fact the opposite seems to be the case.

BRIELLE BENYON: Patients with prostate cancer may experience fewer sexual and urinary side effects if they take on a plant-based diet, according to recent research published in the journal, Cancer… The study included 3,505 individuals with non-metastatic prostate cancer who filled out food-frequency questionnaires and had their quality of life calculated by the Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite, which, according to the National Institutes of Health, is a 15-item questionnaire that measures urinary incontinence, urinary irritation, as well as bowel, sexual and hormonal health-related quality of life… The study findings took into account other patient characteristics, such as weight, physical activity, demographic factors, lifestyle differences and other medical issues, and still the group that had the highest score for a plant-based diet tended to rank higher on quality-of-life issues…

“Our findings offer hope for those looking for ways to improve their quality of life after undergoing surgery, radiation, and other common therapies for prostate cancer, which can cause significant side effects,” study lead author and urologist Dr. Stacy Loeb, professor in the departments of urology and population health at NYU Langone Health, said in a press release about the findings. “Adding more fruits and vegetables to their diet, while reducing meat and dairy, is a simple step that patients can take,”… “These results add to the long list of health and environmental benefits of eating more plants and fewer animal products,” said Loeb. SOURCE…