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Never Too Young To Be Vegan: ‘I won’t give my kid ice cream’


Annabel wished she was raised vegan after learning about the ethics of the meat and dairy industries as an adult and believes consuming dairy products is worse than meat.

BROKE KATO: Annabel Fenwick Elliott vowed to raise her toddler on a strict diet of plant-based foods — making kid-favorite foods like ice cream out of the question.

Her one-year-old son, Jasper, survives on a diet of oatmeal, coconut-based yogurt, various vegetables, chickpeas, beans, breast milk and baby-safe supplements.

The London-based mom expects pediatricians to “raise an eyebrow” when she reveals that Jasper is a vegan, but he’s totally healthy — he’s “never once been sick and has hit all the milestones,” she told Cater News.

“I’m starting Jasper off on a plant-based diet until he’s old enough for me to explain why,” Annabel said. “After that, he can make his own choices about what to eat.”

The animal-lover, who stopped eating meat in 2011, wished she had been raised a vegan, especially after learning how large volumes of cow’s milk are produced.

Female cattle are inseminated shortly after their first birthday and, after giving birth, lactate for approximately 10 months, according to PETA. Then — after their calves are taken away from them — the cycle beings again, and they are impregnated repeatedly until they stop producing enough milk.

Annabel wished she was raised vegan after learning about the ethics of the meat and dairy industries as an adult. Annabel said Jasper can make his own diet decisions when he’s old enough to understand.

“No one ever explicitly said: ‘We are gentle with dogs because they have feelings and we don’t want to hurt them. Pigs also have feelings, but it’s fine to hurt them.’ But that’s the subtext if you’re feeding your child sausages.”
Now — especially as a mom — she said it makes her “sick.”

“If my parents had told me all this when I was five, I would have turned vegan then,” admitted Annabel, who believes consuming dairy products is worse than meat.

“You can’t be a vegetarian on ethical grounds and still eat dairy. It’s so much worse than the meat industry,” she argued. “I was so devastated that I had to give up cheese.”

Seeing fellow parents feed their children animal byproducts “saddens and infuriates” her, because she realizes they have “no idea” the “unthinkable abuse” the creatures have suffered.

“All these kids eating something that comes from such a cruel, dark place and they have no idea, usually because their parents don’t,” she explained…

She encouraged curious parents to consider the possibility of introducing their children to a vegan diet, which is possible and safe with the inclusion of supplements and plant-based treats, such as vegan chicken nuggets and non-dairy ice cream.

“Raising children on a vegan diet can be carried out safely when proper planning and attention to a child’s needs are considered,” Sas Parsad, a nutritionist at The Gut Co., told Cater News. SOURCE…