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FACTS & FIGURES: How many vegans are in the U.S.? A look at the numbers


JEN FLATT OSBORN: Meat or tofu? That is the question. Vegans are popping up in America faster than a cow goes “Moo.” So how many vegans are in the US? And is it possible for most of our country to eat less meat? It’s not only possible; it’s probable.

Nielsen reported that a huge percentage of Americans (39%) want to be vegan and do try to eat more vegetables. Most of the world, places like Europe and Israel, are way ahead of us in our choices for a vegan entree, but we’re doing our best to catch up…

According to Global Market Research company Ipsos, there are more than 9.7 million vegetarians in the US, with 1 million of the population completely following a vegan diet. (Global Market Research Company Ipsos, Vegetarian Times)

The number of Americans who identify as vegan has increased by more than 3,000 percent over the past 15 years… The income of vegans in the U.S. varies greatly… The median household income in the US is about $54,000, so by comparison:

7% – People in the less than $50,000 range are vegetarian or vegan.
2% – People in the $50,000-$75,000…
1% – $75,000-$100,000…
2% – Over $100,000…

Top 10 Most Compelling Stats:

– 6% of the US Population Is Vegan
– Almost One-Third of Americans Want To Eat More Vegan Food
– Vegans Are Most Likely To Be Females Under the Age of 35
– A Survey Suggests Younger People With Lower Income Are More Likely To Be Vegetarian
– A Study Suggested 69% of People Are Vegan Because of Health
– A Record of $3.1 Billion Was Invested in Alternative Proteins in 2020
– Americans Have Implemented a 5:2 Vegan Diet
– In 2021, Plant-Based Food Sales Increased by 27%
– As per Surveys, 5 to 8% of US Adults Consider Themselves To Be Vegetarians
– A Rise in Veganism Will Have a Positive Impact on the Environment

63% of the people adopted a vegan lifestyle because they feel disgusted about animal products such as meat. 59% of vegans are concerned about the environment. 52% of people are vegans because of taste preferences. SOURCE…