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One in five Burger King ‘whoppers’ sold in Germany are with a plant-based patty


Burger King Germany has become particularly notable for offering a meat-free version of every item on their menu. The company intends to become a plant-based pioneer and is committed to making 50% of its menu plant-based by 2030.

VEGCONOMIST: Among the major global fast-food chains, Burger King stands out for its efforts to offer a wide range of plant-based products. In 2021, the company committed to making 50% of its menu plant-based by 2030, and said it would drop some meat products from the menu.

Since then, Burger King Germany has become particularly notable for offering a meat-free version of every item on the menu, stating that it intends to become a plant-based pioneer. In 2021, the chain opened the world’s first plant-based Burger King restaurant in Cologne, starting a trend that would spread worldwide.

Klaus Schmaeing, Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King Germany, told us more about the chain’s work to promote plant-based options and its plans for the future…

How has the response been from customers regarding Burger King Germany’s increased vegan offerings? Have you noticed any significant changes in customer preferences and demand?

Since the launch of our plant-based range in 2019, our plant-based products have become increasingly popular. And the best part, of course, is that the feedback from our guests is overwhelmingly positive. Even though the majority of people do not follow a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, many want to reduce their meat consumption. We offer them just the right option for this: an alternative without abstaining from taste. We are pleased that more and more vegetarians and vegans are finding their way into our restaurants…

Are there any future plans or initiatives that Burger King Germany has in mind to further expand its vegan offerings or cater to the evolving demands of the plant-based market?

We are pleased that our plant-based products are becoming increasingly popular, so we are continuously working on product innovations and looking at how we can expand our plant-based range even further. To mark the start of Veganuary, we developed an exclusive product: the Plant-based Long Chicken Cheddar Style, for which we used a vegan cheese alternative from Violife for the first time.

However, we also want to develop further in other areas, such as milk alternatives, so we decided to cooperate with Oatly in ten restaurants. So far, the feedback on this has been very positive, especially in metropolitan areas like Berlin or Cologne, where the plant-based alternative has been very well received. But we are also currently looking around for alternatives in the desert area. We will continue to draw attention to our plant-based range and the importance of offering alternative protein sources in system gastronomy with further exciting campaigns and collaborations. SOURCE…