The campaign to promote veganism by exposing the destructive reality of the animal agriculture industry.

PLANT and/or CELL: How will cultivated meat affect the plant-based industry?


SINGULAR OPEN LAB: Online discussion over how the potential success of the cultivated meat industry, once it is available to consumers, may affect the existing plant-based industry.

Plant-based or cell-based, allies or enemies? How might cell-based products compare to plant-based meat alternatives with regards to taste and overall consumer acceptance? Do both industries target the same or different consumers? How hybrid (cell-based and plant-based) products can reduce costs.


Eric Jenkusky. Co-Founder Matrix Food Technologies

Dwayne Holmes. Director, Responsible Research & Innovation – EU en New Harvest

Pablo Ponce. Food Technologist and CellAg Mindset Builder Singular Foods

Roberto Guerra. Vegan & Alt-Protein Business Developer Singular Foods