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DAIRY DIARY: On day four of anti-milk protests, Animal Rebellion activists arrested after dousing Parliament in white paint


Animal Rebellion protesters said the white paint represented milk and was intended to draw attention to the 'destruction and cruelty' of the dairy industry.

CLYDE HUGHES: Police in London arrested nearly a dozen animal-rights protesters on Wednesday when they doused the gates of British Parliament with white paint. Authorities said that 10 demonstrators were arrested for the stunt, which happened out front of the Palace of Westminster.

The group to which the protesters belong, Animal Rebellion, said the white paint represented milk and was intended to draw attention to the “destruction and cruelty” of the dairy industry. The group also blocked a road outside Parliament Square.

Two Animal Rebellion protesters glued themselves to each other and another was hauled away after sitting in the middle of the road in Parliament Square… Animal Rebellion also said the protest called on new British Prime Minister Liz Truss to ban meat consumption…

“Animal Rebellion is calling on the government and [Truss] to support farming and fishing communities to move away from animal farming and fishing as part of an urgent transition to a plant-based food system and then re-wild the freed-up land as a result,” Animal Rebellion said in a tweet Wednesday…

“The road has been blocked just in front of Big Ben. The landmark also just got a new coat of white paint to represent the destruction and cruelty of the dairy industry. This follows four days of disruptive action as part of the plant-based future campaign”. SOURCE…