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Andrew Knight: The vegan vet who is truly a friend of all animals


In a study that we published recently, we looked at more than 2,500 dogs in three dietary groups: raw meat, conventional meat, and vegan. We concluded that the healthiest and least hazardous diets for dogs were nutritionally sound vegan diets.

JORDI CASAMITJANA: The zoologist Jordi Casamitjana interviews Prof. Andrew Knight, a veterinary Professor from the University of Winchester who is an expert on vegan companion animal diets… I have known Andrew for many years… Andrew is not only a vegan vet (which, for me, it’s the only coherent way to be a vet), but he is a vet who cares as much for the dogs and cats he treats as the pigs and cows “pet lovers” feed their animals with. A real friend of all the animals who knows you don’t have to sacrifice some to help the others…

Andrew has been very active over the years. By mid-2022 he had authored more than 150 academic publications (35 peer-reviewed), 80 popular publications, and 40 YouTube videos on animal welfare issues, and had given around 200 presentations on animal welfare issues at various conferences and universities globally. He had received 14 awards and 20 grants for animal welfare and academic work. Ah, and he has been an ethical vegan for almost 30 years. I asked him, as I do to all my interviewees, how did his vegan journey go. It seems that veganism came first, and then the vet profession followed. SOURCE…