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REPORT: A third of UK consumers are willing to try lab-grown meat


Two in five (42%) reported that nothing could encourage them to try lab grown meat, but over a quarter (27%) could be persuaded if they knew it was safe to eat.

FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY: A survey into public perceptions of emerging alternative proteins has revealed that a third of UK consumers would try cultured meat… It also revealed a greater number – 6 in 10 of us – are willing to try plant-based products many of which are already on the market.

The Food Standards Agency research also highlights how important food safety is to consumers with it being the top factor in encouraging people to try lab-grown meat or edible insects. Assurance around food safety is already the main reason people are willing to eat plant-based proteins.

The survey comes as the FSA reiterates its commitment to supporting food innovation, especially where there are potential benefits for dietary health, for protecting the environment or for boosting the UK economy – but always with consumer interests and food safety as the top priority…

Highlights of the report include: Six in 10 respondents were willing to try plant-based proteins in their diet, the most common reasons were because they thought it was safe to eat (44%) and for health reasons (39%) or environmental or sustainability (36%) reasons. The biggest barrier to trying plant-based proteins was preference for traditional meats (36%). SOURCE…