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SURVEY: Over a third of U.S. consumers will adopt cultured meat when launched


Consumers appreciate great food, but they also believe science is key to advancing environmental and animal welfare issues.

PR NEWSWIRE: Future Meat Technologies, a leading start up developing innovative technology to produce cultured meat, unveiled new research findings revealing compelling insights on American consumer preferences around cultured meat. In partnership with Provoke Insights, Future Meat Technologies surveyed 2,016 American consumers to better understand awareness of and preferences around cultured meat. Key findings from the research include:

– Over one in three U.S. consumers surveyed plan to adopt cultured meat into their diet when launched

– 58% of respondents had a general awareness of cultured meat

– “Cultured meat” is the preferred term by US consumers, closely followed by “cultivated meat” – as opposed to “cell based meat” or “cell cultured meat”

– Over 50% of respondents have actively changed their diets to become more “conscious,” meaning they’ve adopted a specific type of dietary regimen…

The survey was distributed in July 2021 among those ages 18-50 who live in coastal states with a $45K+ annual household income. Two-thousand sixteen respondents completed the survey. A random stratified sample methodology was used to ensure a high degree of representation of this group in the United States population (geographic location, household income, age, gender and ethnicity). Statistical differences between subgroups were tested at a 95% confidence level, with a margin of error of +/- 2.18%. SOURCE…


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