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‘HUMANE WASHING’ OF DIRTY HANDS: U.S. Senator Booker reintroduces bill to reform farm system with support from farmers and animal welfare groups


The Farm System Reform Act would place an immediate moratorium on new and expanding factory farms (also known as CAFOs), and phase out the largest by 2040.

ERIC KIEFER: Momentum is gaining for a farm reform bill that would “transform a broken system” dominated by multi-national meatpacking companies and factory farms, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey says. On Tuesday, Booker, a Newark resident, reintroduced legislation that he says will “create a level playing field” for independent family farmers across the nation. According to Booker, among others, the Farm System Reform Act would: Place an immediate moratorium on new and expanding factory farms (also known as CAFOs), and phase out the largest by 2040, old corporate integrators responsible for pollution and other harm caused by CAFO, and Provide a voluntary buyout for farmers who want to transition out of operating a CAFO… U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna of California has introduced companion legislation in the House…

The proposed farm reform law has picked up support from two of Booker’s high-profile peers in the Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts – both co-sponsors to the bill. “Our farming economy today is not working for the majority of Americans,” Sanders said. “It’s not working for the family farmer struggling to get by, it’s not working for the environment, and it’s not working for our rural communities.” “This rigged system, however, is working for huge conglomerates and the meatpacking industry who are raking in massive profits,” Sanders alleged.

“For years, giant multinational corporations have been crushing competition in the agricultural sector and seizing key markets while regulators have looked the other way,” Warren agreed. “And the COVID-19 crisis has made it even easier for Big Ag to get even bigger and gobble up small farms … leaving farmers out in the cold and consumers facing higher costs and fewer choices.” “This bill is necessary to end the vice grip that Big Ag has over our farm economy, and to give our farmers, workers and consumers real bargaining power in our farm and food system,” Warren said… Other support for the proposed law came from:

Gene Baur, president and co-founder, Farm Sanctuary – “The FSRA represents a critically important step towards restricting the intolerable abuses of factory farming, while helping to create a more just and sustainable food system. We are proud to join with a diverse community of farmer, worker, environmental, health, and animal protection organizations in support of this vital legislation” and…

Matt Bershadker, ASPCA President and CEO – “The COVID-19 pandemic exposed animal agriculture’s deceptive façade, revealing a broken factory farm system that is failing both people and animals. The Farm System Reform Act will help repair and bring compassion to our food system, protecting countless animals from unconscionable cruelty. We thank Senator Booker and Representative Khanna for championing this necessary legislation to build a food system that values animals, people and our planet —not just profit.” SOURCE… SOURCE…


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