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‘THE OTHER WHITE MEAT’: BLM demonstrators carry casket of slaughtered pig dressed as cop, animal rights organizations ignore


JIM HOFT: Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors in Kansas City Sunday carried a casket through downtown, resting it on the steps of police HQ. A pig dressed as an officer inside. “Abolish the police” and “the other white meat” painted on the exterior. SOURCE…

[EDITOR: This horrific story was ignored by all animal rights organizations. In contrast, when John Cox, a Republican seeking to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom, brought a bear to multiple campaign stops, it drew condemnation from activists and animal rights groups, and rightly so (SOURCE). Of course, this is not surprising, since BLM/Antifa thugs have killed and used pigs in their demonstrations on many occasions without any condemnation, since the vast majority of “animal rights” organizations are big supporters of BLM. These organizations shamelessly exploit animals (under the guise of protecting them) only to further their “social justice”, “intersectional”, and Marxist ideology, while at the same time enriching themselves. They should be vilified and condemned for their hypocrisy and animal exploitation.]


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