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LAND O’CRUELTY: Animal rights activists take aim at California’s dairy farms supplying the country’s top producer of butter


The investigation found dozens of violations. The group's video footage shows newborn calves being dragged by their hind legs and dumped from a backhoe, among other things.

JOSHUA TEHEE: The animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere [DxE] is leveling claims of animal abuse at several Land O’Lakes dairy operations in the central San Joaquin Valley, including Zonneveld Dairy near Laton in Fresno County… Berkeley-based group released the findings of a three-year investigation it did at 14 of the company’s farms both in Wisconsin and in California. Among the facilities were Zonneveld Dairy in Laton; Kasbergen Dairy, Curtimade Dairy, FernJo Farms, and Mancebo Holsteins in Tulare; Fern Oaks Dairy in Porterville; Giacomazzi Dairy and Grimmius Calf Ranch in Hanford; and Tony A Nunes in Visalia.

The investigation found dozens of violations of both Land O’Lakes company animal welfare policy and California law, according to the group, which said it has video footage showing newborn calves being dragged by their hind legs and dumped from a backhoe, among other things. The group said it will file criminal complaints against the farms on Wednesday with letters of support from a veterinarian and a former federal prosecutor, both of whom have seen the videos, the group said…

This is not the first time Direct Action Everywhere has taken action against a Land O’Lakes operation. Members of the group, including former “Baywatch” actress Alexandra Paul, protested alleged abuse at Zonneveld Dairy farm in 2017. The group also removed a calf from the ranch, in what it called a night-time rescue operation. It’s also not the first time the group has had sights on Valley farms. In 2018, three women were arrested at a ranch north of Oakdale while trying to remove an apparently dying calf from the property. SOURCE…