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INFOGRAPHIC: How To Make And Keep A Vegan


An infographic with evidence-based methods to help encourage people to try and maintain a plant-based diet.

CARYN GINSBERG: “How to Make and Keep a Veg*n” – illustrated by Faunalytics board president Caryn Ginsberg – walks through a series of evidence-based methods to help encourage people to consider, try, and then (importantly) maintain a plant-based diet. Please share the full graphic with your fellow advocates and use the suggestions in your advocacy!

Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

Think about how you talk to people about plant-based eating. What are you doing well? What might you want to change?

Review your website, social media, and/or print materials to see how well they match these best practices.

Meet with colleagues or friends to discuss how else you can strengthen your work to better address some of these points.

Use these findings to help determine your plans and priorities for 2017.

Host a meeting of your volunteers to share the results and talk strategies. SOURCE…


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