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Increasing adoption of Veganism to fuel global plant-based meat industry through 2025


The plant-based meat market is to witness massive growth owing to increasing environmental concerns and the growing awareness about health benefits offered by a vegan diet.

MARKET INSIGHT REPORTS: The plant based meat market landscape is anticipated to witness massive growth over the forthcoming timeframe owing to increasing environmental concerns and simultaneously the growing awareness about health benefits offered by a vegan diet. The practice of animal agriculture, which is focused towards producing meat is a key contributor to greenhouse gas emission and is also responsible for consuming copious amounts of water on an annual basis…

A Global Market Insights Inc., research report projects plant based meat market to surpass a valuation of $320 million through 2025… Based on these development factors, the segment is projected to witness a growth of more than 10% through the analysis timespan. From a regional frame of reference, the North America plant based meat industry is slated to foresee tremendous growth led by Mexico, Canada, and the United States…

With respect to the source, the growing usage of soy based meat across a number of food items… Soy based meat products provide high protein, iron, and Vitamin B content while also offering bioactive components like isoflavones that help treat cancer and maintain bone strength…

This adverse impact of animal agriculture is creating a significant impetus throughout the food industry to develop viable meat alternatives that are less taxing on the environment and do not compromise on the taste and texture of said alternatives while doing so.

Additionally, plant based meat products are also highly effective in decreasing obesity, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. They can also serve as an important source that provides consumers with essential fatty acids, which is expected to stimulate their demand over the coming years.

Moreover, growing concerns about meat adulteration coupled with the low product prices of meat alternatives in comparison to conventional meat is further likely to push the plant based meat market growth through the forecast timespan. SOURCE…


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