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‘GRAB-AND-GO MEALS’: Stolen dogs waiting to be butchered rescued outside a take-out restaurant in China


Around dogs are killed for their meat each year in China. The nation currently lacks animal welfare legislation to protect animals and prevent their abuse.

BILLIE THOMSON: Eight dogs destined to be slaughtered and turned into grab-and-go meals have been saved outside a kitchen in central China, according to reports. The rescued animals, including five puppies, had allegedly been stolen by an illegal street vendor who was accused of killing dogs ‘around the year’.

The man was planning to butcher the dogs and make them into ready meals falsely advertised as lamb or beef dishes, animal lovers have claimed. Footage released by Chinese media show dogs being kept in a filthy yard in Zhengzhou, central China’s Henan, as they reportedly waited to be slaughtered and made into ready meals…

According to animal lovers who went to rescue the dog, the yard was part of a kitchen facility and run by a street food vendor who ‘kills dogs around the year’… The footage released by Pear Video appears to show one brown dog bound by iron wires sitting on the ground and another white dog standing in a corner in the grotty space… Animal lovers saved all of the eight dogs found in the yard… and have taken them into their care…

The news comes as Chinese animal welfare organisations, activists as well as state-run media outlets are urging the country’s leaders to pass their first law against animal abuse… China currently lacks legislation to protect animal welfare or prevent animal abuse… Such a law can potentially prevent around 10 million dogs being killed for their meat every year in the nation.

Animal welfare remains a sensitive topic in China, partially due to the international uproar over the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The annual activity is one of the most controversial food festivals in the world and sees thousands of dogs cruelly killed, skinned and cooked with blow-torches before being eaten by the locals to celebrate the summer solstice. Despite official moves and concerns over the transmission of COVID-19, this year’s Yulin dog meat festival opened ‘as usual’ in June in the southern province of Guangxi, according to sources. SOURCE…