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BEING VEGAN: Think you know what a Vegan lifestyle is? New data shows you don’t


24% of non-vegans surveyed believe vegans have a moral superiority. 1 in 20 think those living a vegan lifestyle can eat meat, 16% believe vegans can eat cheese.

LUXURIOUS MAGAZINE: There is estimated to be upwards of 75 million vegans worldwide, with many more making the shift to a plant-based lifestyle. Despite this, lots of meat-eaters are still unaware of the action’s vegans take to ensure their diets are not compromised. Interested in uncovering the common misconceptions held by non-vegans, experts at surveyed 3,739 non-vegans around the world to see what they really think!

Of the meat-eaters surveyed, a whopping 57% would consider becoming vegan, with only 43% opposing. However, 22% disagree with others leading a vegan lifestyle, and 6% are put off by those who do so! Interestingly, a further 61% think it is unhealthy for a child to have a vegan diet, whether their parents have asked them to or not.

After this, were keen to determine which strange misconceptions are held by non-vegans, and it appears that false facts are altering people’s views on vegan lifestyles…
The most commonly believed statement is that ‘going vegan doesn’t save the planet’, with 77% agreeing. Although there are many other factors that help the environment, being vegan is definitely one of them!

In second place is the idea that ‘veganism is expensive’ with over 7 in 10 (72%) respondents believing so. This common misconception puts many people off a vegan lifestyle and isn’t necessarily true… Interestingly, 1 in 20 non-vegans think those living a vegan lifestyle can eat meat, 16% think they can eat cheese, and 1% believe that they can’t eat bananas! In addition to this, 24% of people believe ‘vegans have a moral superiority’. SOURCE…


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