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REPORT: Meat alternatives and food subsidies could help ‘millions of people lose weight’ in the UK


The report recommends a government fund for the development of lab-grown meat or meat alternatives, and making healthy options such as fresh and frozen vegetables much cheaper.

FRAZER MAUDE: Subsidies for healthy food, plain packaging for unhealthy food, and more research into meat alternatives could help the UK’s obesity crisis, according to a new report. The report – Turning The Tables – by social policy think-tank Demos, found that too many people face “significant barriers to eating healthy diets”.

The report recommends: A government fund for the development of lab-grown meat or meat alternatives, and subsidising healthy foods that are already low in price, such as tinned tomatoes, carrots, and frozen vegetables to make healthy options much cheaper…

The government has estimated that two-thirds of UK adults are above a healthy weight, with 36% overweight and 28% obese… It is estimated that overweight and obesity-related conditions cost the NHS more than £6bn each year and there were nearly 900,000 obesity-related hospital admissions in 2018/19, with obesity a risk factor for chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, some cancers, liver and respiratory disease…

Last month, the UK government launched its “Better Health” campaign, offering advice to 35 million people on how to lose weight and keep it off, supported by a 12-week plan, which will be seen as an attempt to put the country on a diet. SOURCE…


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