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OZO: New Plant-Based Meat Line Giving Away One Million Vegan Burgers in a Van Tour


Sampling vans will be in Denver, Boulder, Detroit, Chicago, LA, Seattle and Portland. Deliveries will also be made to feed workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis.

THE BEET: Looking to meet your new favorite plant-based burger? Enter: OZO, a new collection of vegan burgers and ground “meat” products from Planterra Foods. Now, the brand behind the “beef,” Planterra Foods will be dispatching a specially-equipped fleet of OZO vans to head to curbsides around the country to distribute freshly-cooked, individually-wrapped plant-based burgers for vegans and the vegan-curious alike to enjoy nationwide.

Sampling vans began their journeys earlier this month with stops in Denver, Boulder, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles, followed by Seattle and Portland, in July. Deliveries will also be made to fire stations, hospitals, and other locations to feed workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis throughout the summer. In total, the brand is planning on distributing more than one million free samples of OZO in the next year, with more giveaway events including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Nashville being planned for the fall and winter…

The folks behind the new collection of plant-based meats are looking forward to seeing their new products become game-changers for many home cooks who miss the bolognese or burger nights of their pre-vegan or vegetarian days, or simply for those looking to eat less red meat… “We can’t wait for people to try OZO for the first time and experience the joy of eating good, nutritious food where taste is paramount. We are focused on feeding future generations and especially those looking to flex the variety of proteins they bring to the table”…

OZO offerings will be available this June for purchase at a variety of retail outlets including Albertsons and Safeway locations in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming; Kroger stores in 12 states (Alabama, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee) and, as well as military bases across the country. SOURCE…


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