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Coronavirus Lockdown Spurs U.S. Boom in Plant-Based Meat


The biggest surge of any food category of consumer spending came in plant-based meat with sales jumping 264%. And this gain came when overall spending plummeted.

LESLIE PATTON: While there’s been talk of Americans resorting to indulgent foods as they shelter in place, they’ve instead flocked to plant-based meat and cheap pantry staples. Since the coronavirus pandemic ignited a nationwide lockdown in March, U.S. consumers have doubled purchases of all sorts of beans and canned meat, according to Nielsen data.

The biggest surge of any category came in plant-based meat, which includes offerings from companies like Beyond Meat Inc. and Impossible Foods Inc., with sales jumping 264%. And these gains came when overall spending plummeted.

Meanwhile, donuts, cupcakes and dessert platters showed the biggest declines during the nine weeks ended May 2… The boom in faux meat has been aided by shortages of beef and pork… To take advantage of this, Impossible is expanding into 1,700 Kroger locations and Beyond plans to offer discounts this summer.  SOURCE…