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REPORT: What Will Happen to the Cultured Meat Industry in 2020?


In 2020, cultured meat companies are likely to begin the regulatory approval process for their products, and so the arguments over labelling will become increasingly volatile.

MICHAEL DENT: ‘Will the hamburgers of the future be made from animal cells grown in a lab instead of inside a cow? Cultured meat, also known as “cell-based” or “clean” meat, could soon be making its way to our dinner plates, completely bypassing the need for animal slaughter and overcoming some of the major environmental issues that currently plague the global agriculture industry. Even though no products have yet been released and there are major challenges with cost, regulation and scale up, the industry is growing rapidly, with investment reaching a new high in 2019.

The recent IDTechEx report, “Plant-based and Cultured Meat 2020-2030”, projects the cultured meat market to reach $514 million in sales by 2030. But what does the immediate future look like for cultured meat? This article looks at what happened in the cultured meat industry in 2019 and explores what’s in store for 2020… The IDTechEx report “Plant-based and Cultured Meat 2020-2030” covers each of these predictions in more detail, giving a market and technology overview of both the plant-based and cultured meat industries and forecasting growth over the next decade’. SOURCE…