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Revolutionary vegan meat company launches products in Australia eerily similar to real meat in terms of taste and texture


Simeon Van der Molen, Moving Mountains founder, challenges the skeptics: 'The ingredients replicate the real thing and stand out to competitors. No one else has anything like this in the world.'

LAUREN FERRI:A revolutionary vegan meat company has launched its products in Australia, including a plant-based hot dog and a burger than bleeds. Moving Mountains will now be sold exclusively though Woolworths stores around Australia and will also be a feature at Henry’s Burgers in Melbourne. Competition in the plant-based meat sector is expected to increase, with Australia’s east coast rivaling top markets for vegetarian products in London and California…

The UK-based company was founded in 2016 by Simeon Van der Molen… In just two years the business has quickly grown into a $180 million empire in Europe, and expanded to the United States. He expected the company to be profitable within its first year of trading due to the quality of product.’We put that down to quality of product, branding and real passion in what we do and what we believe in and unwavering strength and tenacity,’ he said…

The plant-based alternatives compete with animal meat for both taste and texture, using beetroot juice as a ‘bleeding’ effect. Mr Van der Molen challenges skeptics to try the hot dogs as he believes they are eerily similar to the real thing thanks to sunflower seeds. The ingredient was an ‘absolute revelation’ which helped the company replicate the real thing and stand out to competitors. ‘No one else has anything like this in the world.’  SOURCE…


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