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The Shadowy Beef Lobbyist Fighting Against Plant-Based Meat


Richard Berman is one of plant-based meat’s most formidable lobbyist, protected by a shadowy non-profit: Center for Consumer Freedom. His involvement means the beef industry is terrified for their future.

MARTHA DANIEL: ‘Pat Brown is on a mission to save the planet by cutting one thing from our lives: cows. The Impossible Foods CEO is determined to cut the consumption of beef to save our planet from the jaw-dropping effects of big agriculture. One obstacle standing in his way: Richard Berman, a powerful Washington lobbyist.

Berman, who served as the inspiration for Nick Naylor in Thank You For Smoking, has made a name for himself going to bat for special interest groups fighting losing battles to save their image. He’s lobbied to protect things like cigarettes and high fructose corn syrup, and launched multifaceted attacks against M.A.D.D. (that’s Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and the Humane Society. Berman’s busted unionizing efforts and fought against raising the minimum wage; now, he’s got a new client in the beef lobby and a new target in meat substitutes.

Berman is one of plant-based meat’s most formidable opponents, protected by a shadowy non-profit called the Center for Consumer Freedom. But Impossible thinks Berman’s involvement means the beef lobby is terrified for the future of their industry, and scrambling to save their buns. Daniel spoke with Pat Brown and Impossible’s chief communications officer Rachel Konrad on the latest episode of Eater’s Digest’. SOURCE…


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