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‘We can offer cardboard’: Restaurant owner launches angry tirade after a customer asked about vegan options


HeadQuarters Viaduct Restaurant: 'We can offer the menu, it's carboard, should taste like 97 percent of vegan food, you could eat that maybe. We'll cut in three if you'd like three courses'.

LAUREN FERRI: ‘A restaurant owner has launched into a mocking tirade after a potential customer asked what the vegan options were. The customer messaged the official Facebook page for HeadQuarters Viaduct, in Auckland, New Zealand, inquiring about the menu. When the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, first asked about the options, she was met with: ‘Stuff you can eat’.

She then asked to elaborate, to which they responded by asking what was vegan.’Do you mean water and lettuce and stuff like that?’ they wrote to her. The woman then asked if she was talking to the manager and once again politely asked if whoever she was talking to could ask the chef. ‘We do a very nice line in water, a small glass as an entree, a jug for a main (frozen if you like solids) with a gorgeous H2O sauce,’ the reply read.

‘Other than that we can offer the menu, it’s carboard, should taste like 97 percent of vegan food, you could eat that maybe’. ‘We’ll cut in three if you’d like three courses.’ The message then continues on to offer the vegan customer the restaurant’s ‘two pet rabbits… Pie and Stew’. ‘Let us know (by the way it’s all carbon neutral food),’ the message signed off.

However, it seemed the restaurant was not finished mocking the customer and sent a follow-up response. It said: ‘Can someone lock up the f**king chimpanzee, he’s on Facebook again pretending he words here’. The woman took to TripAdvisor to post the screenshots of the exchange and said: ‘It’s always a good idea for people with restricted diets to check with a restaurant before going.’ ‘My recommendation is: don’t. Don’t ask at this restaurant, and don’t go,’ she wrote’. SOURCE…


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