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Life in the shadow of a factory farm


The piercing sounds of shrieking animals, the smell of ammonia from manure, rivers and streams polluted by waste. The impacts of the industrial meat and dairy production can be felt far beyond neighboring towns.

NORA HOLZMANN: ‘The piercing sounds of shrieking animals. The pungent smell of ammonia, emanating from endless piles of animal manure. Rivers and streams polluted by animal waste, left full of green algae. People who live near a factory farm feel its presence every minute, every day of their lives.

The impacts of the industrial meat and dairy production can be felt far beyond the borders of neighbouring towns and villages. Factory farming fuels the climate emergency, with the massive amount of greenhouse gases it releases. In every corner of the earth, it’s rivers and oceans have become polluted with animal waste. Forests are clear-cut for the cultivation of feed, causing a massive loss of biodiversity.

People living close to factory farms are standing at the frontlines of the struggle against an industry that is destroying their communities, and impacting all of us. These small communities, who live in the shadows of the farms, suffer, struggle, fight and at times win against these factories.

Greenpeace went on a journey through Europe to Spain, Denmark, France, and Italy to collect some of their stories. We’re urging you to read them, then decide for yourself. If you agree it is time to put an end to factory farming, and instead support the transition to eco farming and veggie alternatives, sign our global call to action. SOURCE…


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